Brighton IT Support Domain and Email Pack

July 8th, 2013  

Brighton IT Support has just released a domain name and email package for a fixed price, including on site configuration anywhere within Brighton and Hove.

Its a fact that 70% of our callouts are due to mis configurations or failures relative to email, a vital part of any ones personal or business life.  Many people put up with generic email address’s, such as gmail, hotmail etc, but this can lead to problems, especially where your domain (ie gmail) is shared by literally millions of people…  ie, when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong…

The only option is to have your own domain name, its professional and totally under your control, only you have the name, no one else in the world.  Confuguration and setup of your own domain and email can be a daunting task, so , we will do it all for you, including an on site visit to configure your devices (upto 10), all for a fixed cost of £60 including VAT, anywhere within the Brighton and Hove area.

This includes :

  • Any Domain Name of your choice, ie,
  • Registration of the domain name
  • Configuration and management of your domain name email on our servers
  • Configuration of upto 10 of your devices on site (ie, PC / Tablet / Iphone)
  • Modification of your network and / or router to accept the domain and email
  • Provision of an online panel so you can add and route email address’s (unlimited)
  • Webmail so you can check your email from any PC in the world via the web

Please use our contact form or phone number to book your appointment, and advise us of your required domain name.